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Sterling Woods Newsletter

The Sterlingwoods Newsletter is published two times a year and delivered to the homeowners of Sterlingwoods. Articles and ideas for articles may be submitted by emailing Kathleen Miller .

Content on this website as well as articles submitted to the Sterlingwoods newsletter reflect the diversity of the neighborhood and are not necessarily HOA related. Policies, restrictions and covenants will always be clearly identified.


We are considering supporting advertisement on this website based on requests from several local realtors and service providers.   All revenues after costs would be submitted to the general cash fund.    Basically,  if we move forward with this,  this column  would read:

Want to advertise in the Sterlingwoods Website? This website reaches 67 homeowners and is used frequently by our homeowners for service information. 

Prices are:
Business card size $25.00
1/4 page $50.00
1/2 page $75.00
Full page $125.00

Homeowners, who advertise their own business or the business where they are employed receive a 50% discount.

for details.

While this website may include advertising, and, although we hope you will support our advertisers, the HOA does not endorse any of the products or services advertised. The editors reserves the right to edit or modify all submissions