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Sterling Woods - January 2006 Newsletter

Edited by Kathleen Miller

I welcome contributions to the neighborhood newsletter. If you have items for the next issue, due out in March, please email me at

Also note that if you have changes to your email address, or a new neighbor who needs to be added to the neighborhood directory and newsletter distribution – please email our Sterling Woods HOA board president Steve Stone .

Sterling Woods Homeowners Association Board of Directors update from Pam Brown, Jim LeValley and Steve Stone
It has been a busy and productive time since we last met in May with many positive activities occurring in our neighborhood. Here is a sampling of a few:

Website Launch – In June we launched the new Internet website at  This website is designed and managed for use by our community and features a number of capabilities including:

Additionally, we launched a member’s only website that can be accessed from the public site by clicking on “Members Login”. This private and secured site is available for HOA member-only use and offers a number of features including:

  • An archive section of all HOA documents including committee, board, and financial information. This enables a mechanism for maintaining an “organization written memory”

  • A contacts database of all members including a mailing list capability

  • A discussion center for multithreaded discussions and

  • A survey section where the board can survey members for input on projects and actions.

If you wish access to this site, please send a request for your username and password to Steve Stone.


Secured Mailbox
On 6/30/2005, the membership of the SterlingWoods Homeowners Association passed a motion to adopt a secured mailbox system.  Completed in October, we hope the SterlingWoods secured mailboxes will provide a greater degree of security for your mail. The board would like to recognize and thank the following people who worked hard to make this project happen:

  • Albert Lee for managing this program. Albert spent a considerable amount of his time in the evangelizing, planning this project. Without his successful efforts the system would not be in place today.

  • Dan Jones, Ted Hawksford and Albert Lee for driving the requirements and building a plan that could be communicated to the members for approval.

  • Scott Cosman and Scott Porter, last years board members, for supporting the project in the early days

  • Jim LeValley for pulling together the finance and assessment plan to pay for this.


Amber's Bench
A bench was installed this summer in dedication to Amber Hill in a nice shady area under a future big maple tree along 205th Place NE. During the course of installing it, a number of our neighbors rode by as they returned from church and said that they were pleased and touched by the memorial. They all smiled when they saw it and asked us to send their best thoughts to the Hills. In the end, Amber is still doing what she would have done if she was with us….she is making us a community and causing us to smile. The Hills wished to share the following with all of the members of the community:

“Mark and I would really like to thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts for this wonderful gesture. The bench looks beautiful and the sentiment is amplified by the kindness of the Sterling Woods community. Mark and I drove past there yesterday and we took a long look at the bench. Callan was so happy that he went and had a picnic there this morning. Needless to say, thinking of your kindness while typing this message has brought tears to my eyes. We are grateful that the Sterling Woods community has been gracious enough to facilitate this tribute to Amber. We are indebted to everyone, and cannot thank-you enough. Please pass on our gratitude to everyone involved in this endeavor. “

Thanks to Janaki Mehta and her committee for making this happen and to the rest of the community for their support.


Endless Summer Nights Party
This year’s Endless Summer Nights in Sterling Woods neighborhood party held on 204th Place was very special as it allowed us to celebrate the 4th anniversary of our community as well as an opportunity to welcome all of our newest neighbors. This was a great event and highlighted what a great community that Sterlingwoods is. It was a very well planned event, the weather was awesome, and everybody commented that they had a tremendous amount of fun. Events included a seminar for the children by the Sammamish Fire Station team, children’s jumping toys, and face-painting. Hamburgers, hotdogs were plentiful as was the side dishes salads and deserts which were brought by the homeowners. It seemed that everybody was having a great time but the children really seemed to enjoy it the most. The highlight was the evening outdoor showing of “ET” the movie for all of the children. As you can see from the photos on the HOA website all had a great time.

Of course, none of this was possible without the great team that put this together: Sue Hawksford, Lisa Jones, Laurie Mott and board member Pam Brown. So when you see these folks, please thank them for putting on a great party and all of they time they put into the planning. Also, we would like to thank all of our 204th Place neighbors for sharing their street as well as Kat & Spencer Gusick and Laurie & Salim AbiEzzi for allowing us to use their electricity for the jumping toys. Finally, thanks to Outback Restaurant and Jim Brown for the use of the outdoor grill facilities as well as cooking all of those hamburgers!

If any of you took pictures, please feel free to send them to me and I will post them. Also, it anybody came across a matched set of tongs and hamburger flipper, please send me a note and I will collect them.


Town Forum on Area Vandalism

In the early morning hours of 8/26 and 8/27 Timberline area homes and property as well as Blackwell Elementary School were hit with a number of acts of spray paint vandalism and other destruction. The damage was extensive and includes homes, monuments as well as school. The Sammamish police are investigating and have recovered at least one of the cans of spray paint as evidence. While Sterlingwoods has not been affected by this incident, unfortunately we are not immune. This summer several of our monument lights have been damaged and are in the process of being replaced. In response, there was a community “Town Forum” meeting on 9/12 at Blackwell Elementary School to discuss the incident. The Sammamish City Manager as well as chief of police attended and spoke to the status of the investigation. Sammamish police indicated they have recovered fingerprint evidence and are working to match these to individuals.

Moving Forward
Moving forward, we have a full slate of projects that are being developed and managed by the newly formed Social, Landscape and Architectural Committees.

  • The Social Committee is planning an Easter Egg hunt for this April. Anyone interested in participating on this committee or has an activity they wish to champion, please contact Pam Brown or anyone on the social committee.

  • The Architectural Committee is in the process of developing a set of guidelines to better facilitate decisions regarding architectural changes for our community. They have also set up a page on the website to facilitate requests for architectural changes.

  • The Landscape Committee is in process of developing an agenda that includes improvements of our landscaping to include new lighting, additional landscaping as well as addressing safety issues involving trees in the common areas. If you have any requests for landscaping improvements, please send your request to Steve Stone or anyone on the landscape committee

  • Finally, beginning in 2006, the board will set up a committee to review the CC&Rs and bylaws for the Sterling Woods Homeowners Association. The current CC&Rs and bylaws are a legacy of the Chaffey Corporation and need to be refined to protect the interests of the Sterling Woods homeowners. If you are interested in serving on this committee please contact Jim LeValley

Shortly we will be scheduling a members meeting to discuss and vote on these projects and any new projects as we continue with the fiscal budget process. This process includes a description and prioritization of projects, a budget forecast, and finally the development of regular and special budgets to support these projects.

Please watch your email for the announcement of our next association meeting.  Please contact us if you are ready to volunteer for the board.   We have only 67 lots in our neighborhoods, so we need you to step up and volunteer to serve and help make a difference in our community.  So that is it for now. We hope to see all of you soon.


Pam, Jim and Steve

Preschool Information Night at Lake Washington Technical College
If you or a friend have a preschool age child and would like to know about options for schools for next fall on the eastside, you may want to attend preschool information night, tomorrow night, January 12, 2006 from 7 to 9 PM at the Lake Washington Technical College’s Auditorium. The college is located in Kirkland at 11605 132nd Ave. NE. This event is free and open to the public. You may bring friends but no children except for nursing babies in arms or packs. The event is sponsored by the college and the Redmond Toddler Group. More information and a list of participating schools is available on line at

Address Changes
If you have changes to your email address, or a new neighbor who needs to be added to the neighborhood directory and newsletter distribution – please email Pam Brown who edits the neighborhood directory, and copy Steve Stone.

 Thank you!

I welcome contributions to the neighborhood newsletter.  If you have items for the next issue, please email me at