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Sterling Woods - January 2005 Newsletter

Edited by Kathleen Miller

Sterling Woods Homeowners Association Board of Directors update from Scott Porter and Scott Cosman
Since we last met as a community to discuss the "tree issue" in our common areas, the process to finally resolve this issue has moved slowly.  It has been quite a year for our arborist, Brian Gilles.  First, he underwent back surgery.  Then, since our last meeting, he was in a significant car accident.  Within the last few weeks, he has provided a copy of the final report that we need to resolve this issue.  However, the report still needs some clarifications, and we expect that this report will be finalized soon.  Once the report is complete, the process of getting the mitigations approved by the City of Sammamish will commence.  The City knows this is coming, and should provide approval (or not) in a timely manner.  The Board plans to present the final resolution to the homeowners for their approval at our next meeting.

When we hold our next association meeting, we will have more to do than just approve the "tree issue' resolution.  We also need to elect our new board.  We need to have the new board in place by early March, so we need to identify potential new board members by mid-February.   Since we last requested that association members step forward, we have had only one volunteer - Steve Stone.  We need at least two more to fill out the board.  If we are unable to identify more board members, then the board will continue to operate short-staffed.   If the board remains short-staffed it will continue to be difficult to address neighborhood priorities (such as locking mailboxes).   Also, we still need association members to step forward to assist with the rewrite of our bylaws and CCR's (the board does not see how this can get done if we don't have three board members).   The board has discussed how we might be better able to recruit homeowners to join the board of directors.  While we expect that future years will not be like last year, the association could consider hiring a management company to handle many of the activities that are currently handled by volunteer board members.   Based on the rough quote that a management company provided last year, we estimate that annual dues would need to be increased by approximately $100-$200 to cover these costs.   We would still need to have a board (based on how the bylaws are rewritten) but many of the administrative duties would be handled by the management company.

Based on other issues that the current board has managed in the last year, the board has not been able to address other identified neighborhood issues.  When we meet, the association should plan to set some priorities for 2005.  These priorities can include (but are not limited to) locked mailboxes, a playground, landscape issues, main monument lighting, etc.  However, whatever priorities we all set, nothing will be accomplished unless homeowners step up and volunteer to help.

 In the next few weeks, the board will be talking to Sterling Landscaping about extending our common area landscaping maintenance contract for the next year.   If you have any comments concerning the landscape maintenance of our common areas, please send an email to the board.

 Also, within the next few weeks, the board will be sending out invoices for this year's dues.  Once again, the annual dues will be $300 (as the decision on whether or not to hire a management company will be made in the future).   Please remit payment in a timely manner, as we do not have the time to re-invoice and follow up on homeowners that do not pay in a timely manner.

Please watch your email for the announcement of our next association meeting.  Please contact us if you are ready to volunteer for the board.   We have only 67 lots in our neighborhoods, so we need you to step up and volunteer to serve and help make a difference in our community.
Scott Porter (
Scott Cosman (

Preschool Information Night at Lake Washington Technical College
If you or a friend have a preschool age child and would like to know about options for schools for next fall on the eastside, you may want to attend preschool information night on Tuesday, January 11th from 7 to 9 PM at the Lake Washington Technical College’s Auditorium.  The college is located in Kirkland at 11605 132nd Ave. NE.  This event is free and open to the public.  You may bring friends but no children except for nursing babies in arms or packs.  The event is sponsored by the college and the Redmond Toddler Group.  More information and a list of participating schools is available on line at

Boy Scout Tree Pickup - Saturday, January 8, 2005
Christmas Tree pick up is tomorrow. Place the tree by your curb by 9 AM with a check made out to the Boy Scouts of America in an envelope (or zip lock if it is raining/snowing) attached to the tree. Suggested donation is $10 to $15 per tree.  Trees must be completely bare – no tinsel, flocked trees or nails.   More info at

Address Changes
If you have changes to your email address, or a new neighbor who needs to be added to the neighborhood directory and newsletter distribution – please email Scott Cosman ( who edits the neighborhood directory, and copy me at my email address above.  Thank you!

I welcome contributions to the neighborhood newsletter.  If you have items for the next issue, please email me at